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152                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

had he sailed out of Calais than he was over-
taken by a French privateer. The vessel was
seized and carried into Dunkirk under pretence
of specie being smuggled out the country, &c.
However, in his letter he says he was on the
point of sailing, and that it would not be sent
off until he was clear of the coast.

December ijth, 1796.

Yesterday was a charming day, and I took a
walk to Auteuil, where I found everything as com-
fortable as it used to be. Madame de Boufflers
is grown quite thin. Emmanuel is no longer a
beauty, but grown into an ugly, red-haired boy.

I then went to see Mr. Boyd's house at
Boulogne, which is inhabited by somebody who
bought it of the nation.

Ma petite santi dement gmnde, for I grow fat.
Everybody cries out at my looks. I do not
wonder, for everyone here seems twenty years
older than when I went away, with white hair,
wizened faces, &c.

The women here dress very well in the
evening; I mean those who do not put on (or